What physical assessment procedures are used to monitor Alexa’s condition?


Recall Alexa in the opening scenario. She is unconscious from hitting her head and has a serious abdominal injury following a motor vehicle crash in which she was a passenger. She is being cared for in the pediatric intensive care unit so that she can be monitored and her injuries prevented from becoming e threatening The abdominal CT scan has revealed a spleen laceration that is bleeding, so she being carefully monitored for by povolemia..She has regained consciousness, but drifts off to sleep frequently. Alexa  mother is at her bedside Her father, who was driving the car is being evaluated at another hospital, and Alexa’s 8-year-old sister Sharon is temporarily staying with a neighbor


1.What are the developmentally appropriate nursing inter ventions to address Alexa’s stressors related to this sudden hospitalization?

2.What physical assessment procedures are used to monitor Alexa’s condition?

3. What nursing interventions she told be implemented to support Alexa’s family ?

4.What information should be provided to Sharon to hep her understand what has happened to Alexa?

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