What OU structure and GPO’s are appropriate or required

Your job is to respond to the request for proposal documentation provided by the client. This document should provide: 1. An introduction, including a clear articulation of the customer requirements; 2. A high-level design of the solution, including one or more diagrams showing how the components, servers and applications will interact. 3. Consideration of how the migration will be carried out, with special care to document: 1. How you would migrate from the current two AD domains to a single one; 2. Setup of security controls; 3. What OU structure and GPO’s are appropriate or required; 4. The proposed hardware (CPU information, RAM, storage) and OS versions (Windows server type). 5. Some detail of what will change in the management of the new environment (you can either propose an “as a service” model to manage the environment for the library, or outline what will need to be done differently).

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