what kinds of changes do you think might occur?

1. If our species continues to evolve (and most geneticists believe that this is the case), what kinds of changes do you think might occur?

2. Why do you think some people are apparently more upset about using animals for research and teaching than about using them for other purposes?

3. The fact that the mitochondria in our cells were originally microorganisms that infected our very remote ancestors points out that evolution can involve interactions between two or more species. Most species have other organisms living inside them; in fact, the bacteria in our intestines are necessary for our good health. Some microorganisms can exchange genetic information, so adaptive mutations developed in one species can be adopted by another. Is it possible that some of the features of the cells of our nervous system were bequeathed to our ancestors by other species?

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What is the optimal profit and what are the optimal number of Top Lathes and Big Presses?

King City Inc. manufactures machine tools. The production planner who oversees the production of two of King City’s machines needs to determine how many of each to produce this month…..

Formulate and solve the nurse scheduling problem as an integer program for one day for the data given below.

Hospital administrators must schedule nurses so that the hospital’s patients are provided adequate care. At the same time, careful attention must be paid to keeping costs down. From historical records,….

Solve the model formulated in part a. What is the minimal amount of trim loss?

STAR Co. provides paper to smaller companies with volumes that are not large enough to warrant dealing directly with the paper mill. STAR receives 100-feet-wide paper rolls from the mill….