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Week 4 Assignment: Five-Paragraph Essay Outline   Assignment  The topic for this outline is the same topic for the five-paragraph essay: What is your career field, and what are three ways you want to impact the world around you through your chosen field?  (Please note that the answer to the second question must relate to your career, which could be your current or desired career, entrepreneurial endeavors, or life plan.)  Submit your thesis statement and outline through the assignment link above.  The outline must follow the examples from the Thesis Statements handout and How to Outline a Five-Paragraph Essay handout provided in the Study materials this week.   Focus on making sure that your thesis is clear and easy to follow and that your three (3) body paragraphs support your thesis.   Assignment  Week 4 Assignment: Five-Paragraph Essay  Attached Files:  File UNIV 100 Five-Paragraph Essay Grading Rubric.pdf UNIV 100 Five-Paragraph Essay Grading Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats (13.137 KB)   Assignment  Write a five-paragraph essay by responding to the following questions:   What is your career field, and what are three ways you want to impact the world around you through your chosen field? (If you are undecided, you can use your current field.)     Important Notes:  This essay must follow the essay outline introduced in the \”How to Outline a Five-Paragraph Essay\” handout (i.e., it must contain a thesis statement per the guidelines described in the \”Thesis – Statement\” handout, which is located under this week\’s Study materials).   You are not required to use external sources for this exercise; however, if you do use external sources or the Bible you must cite the source accordingly. As this is a narrative essay, you will back up your topic sentences with narrative or experiential evidence instead of research.  Your thesis statement will answer both of these questions in one sentence.  Your brief essay must contain between 400-600 words.  As with any writing assignment, set up an appointment with the University Writing Lab for additional assistance in outlining or revising your essay.  Review the UNIV 100 Five-Paragraph Essay Grading Rubric as you develop and edit your essay.  Submit your essay via the above link as a Word Document (not a pdf) when you have finished editing and proofreading your work.  Item  Week 4 Study: Writing Resources  Attached Files:  File How to Outline a Five-Paragraph Essay.pdf How to Outline a Five-Paragraph Essay.pdf – Alternative Formats (321.877 KB)  File Thesis-Statements Handout.pdf Thesis-Statements Handout.pdf – Alternative Formats (156.546 KB)   Study  As good writing is critical to academic success, this week\’s assignment will require you to write an essay based on a thesis or topic and construct it in the form of a five-paragraph essay. To assist you in this process, see the attached help documents.  Web Link  Week 4 Study: Writing a Thesis Statement   Study  The linked video from the University\’s Writing Lab team is a supplement to the \”Thesis – Statements\” handout and provides you with additional insights into how to write a good thesis statement.    Web Link  Week 4 Study: 20 Common Writing Mistakes   Study  Before writing your essay, view the linked video to find ways to improve your writing.  Web Link  Week 4 Study: Clear Writing   Study  View this linked video for instruction on how to write in a clear and concise way.

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