What is the equivalent number of circuits?

1. A new suburb in outer Melbourne is under development but unfortunately notcovered byanywirelessservice.Thefollowingdiagramshowsanumber ofcandidatesitesthatcould suitabase station.SitesB,CandDarelocated withinthedevelopment.SiteAisonahill overlookingthedevelopmentsite. Chooseanoptionanddiscuss themeritsofyourchoice andthefactors that you took into account. Please use dot points.

Figure 1



2. Thereisalargeevent comingupandyouneedtodimensionbasestation needstosupportmobile users.Youaregiventhefollowinginformation:




Table 1


· 100,000 people willattend

· Theserviceprovideryouwork forhasa 50%marketshare

· Speech usage is 10mE peruser

· GOS for speech is5%

· Data traffic peruser is 250kB/hr

· Average call data capacity A is5Mbps

· Soft handover equates to20%

· Total BS power is 38dBm

· Speech call requires 150mW in thedownlink








Table 2


Table 3


1. What is your company’stotal clientele/subscribers/users


2. Whatistheoffered traffic?Useanswer 1andspeechusagegiven


3. Whatisthetotal CCHoverhead?



4. Whatisthe%ageavailablecodesfortraffic?




5. (a)What istheequivalentnumberofcircuits?


(b) UsingtheErlangBtable(Table3) determinethecapacity.


(c) Iftheofferedtraffic persectoris180Ehowmanycarriers areneeded usingthe value at question (b)?



(d) Ifthemaximumpoweris45.4dBmor34.7Wattsandthecontrolpower is 38dBmor6.3Watts, ifyouareoperatingat90%power capacity,what isthepower(Watts) availabletosupport traffic?

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