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Look at a newspaper article. Using the concepts discussed in this chapter, assess whether the reporter is guilty of passive reporting. Be as specific as you can in your criticisms, and make sure to support them carefully.

Look in the newspaper or on TV for five examples of testimonials. Assess whether the testimonial evidence is acceptable. Be as specific as you can, and be sure to support your conclusions with reasons.

Look at today’s newspaper and find a report on some international incident. Then go to the library or go online and find news articles from different continents on the very same incident. Compare the reports looking for significant differences.

Comprehension Questions

a. What is the difference between mode, median, and mean? Use examples to illustrate when each would be valuable.

b. What is the difference between measurement validity, measurement consistency, and measurement precision? Use examples to illustrate your answer.

c. Suppose that you had a watch that was designed only to tell the hour and another designed to tell the time to the closest second. Which is most consistent? Which is most valid? Which is more precise?

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