What internal issues would you say as a franchise owner that is a recurrence in your business?


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1. Training

a. Crosstraining

i. look at the interview and find ways to improve

i. Training

2. Establish an employee handbook and training manual

2. Cross-train employees and managers

2. Strengthen the interdependence of employees/reduce boundaries

b. Teambuilding

2. Ex. 10-minute meeting before shifts start

Jet’s Pizza Interview Questions and Answers  

1. What internal issues would you say as a franchise owner that is a recurrence in your business? Do these issues happen often?

· Delivery drivers don’t take their job seriously when reporting back to work. They do other things like go to stores and buy stuff on company time.

· The equipment defaults and burns pizzas, to where more pizzas have to be made and we lose money on products we’re not selling.

· Workers not paying attention to how long pizzas have been in the baking oven, which causes customers to wait longer than their told time. With the wait time possibly being longer, we sometimes have to dish out free pizzas to those customers.

· Managers don’t keep it fair with every employee, with regarding more hours and more tip out money at the end of each shift.

0. Describe your ideal process for hiring and onboarding new team members. Do you have a routine that you have new hires go through?

0. When receiving the application, we call in for a possible interview. Once the interview is done, we see if this person is qualified. After that part is done, drivers license for delivery drivers must be taken a copy of, and to connect with payroll

0. We start every new hire on phones, this helps them know the sizes of every pizza, sub, salad, and wings. We want to make sure that every hire can handle knowing the measurements of the products and handling high volume calls.

0. Once the new hire has mastered the phone aspect of knowing how much toppings or how much of cheese you put on a pizza, we take them over to making the salads and starting on dishes.

0. We move them over to measuring the cheese in the right containers and separating what toppings are and start learning how to operate the baking oven.

0. No new hire works the register. Trust is a big thing that I want to establish in someone before having them work the register.

3.  How would you handle a member of your team who is not performing well? Do you offer any incentives to boost their performance?

· Talks happen often when members don’t do their job. I have high expectations for employees signing up for a job that requires measuring, knowing how to operate machinery, and being a team player. Breaks do happen often a lot with being in a pizzeria due to lots of downtimes. So being on track is hard. But I don’t give incentives to workers that don’t do their job. If they’re good people, I’ll help them a lot, if they’re bad, not worth my time.

4. How would you handle a member of your team that is having communication issues with other team members, including yourself?

· Let them know what to do. If your job title is weighing cheese, I expect you to weigh the cheese. If a manager is being reasonable with their demands of you, there’s no excuse to not listen. Things need to be done. I will talk to them like a normal human being, but if they continue to not listen and do what they want, I will send them home. If it’s a continuous situation, there will be a possible termination.

5. Have you endured any complications with upper-level management? What issues were they and as an owner, what did you do?

· I would say the only issue I have is not being able to give raises to those people that deserve it. Minimum wage goes up often, so when you have 16 lower-level workers working for you times $10 minimum wage, it’s a lot of money I have to dish out. If I had the chance, I would love to pay more upper-level management as well. Their job isn’t any easier than mine.

· Not recently, but I had a manager on staff that I trusted to work the register years ago, and he decided it was smart to steal money from the business. Because I keep track of where the money for the business goes, as well as the cameras, I caught him and he got fired on the spot. I will not allow stealing in my stores.

6. What type of employee development program that Jet’s Pizza would put in place to help your franchises gain/improve skills?

· To be proficient at knowing the product and recognizing it in front of you, as well as knowing how long it cooks for, takes approximately 2 months to master. It’s not hard to grab the prepared dough from the cooler along with the cheese, sauce, and toppings, it’s more like measuring what you’re putting on the pizza. Jet’s is known for the thick crust pizza, so we make sure during training that each person understands the different crusts, toppings, and sauce.

· People get the hang of repetition, and I believe that mastering everything with repetition can have someone master even before 2 months, it all depends on how well the person at the counter or in the back can know each difference.

7. Do you guys do team bonding activities outside of work? If so, what have you guys already done? Has it helped?

· We as a pizzeria are open 7 days a week from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Work meetings do happen before some shifts if needed, but we try to keep a positive atmosphere with getting the job and just overall having a good day. We don’t sit around a barbeque and talk about our job, we don’t have time since I have people working.

· Work meetings happen often when we have a team that won’t listen and keep fooling around, trust me I get it, we have downtime all the time, not every second of the day is done by making pizzas every minute. But I do expect my workers to keep up with prepping for the next day. Prepping takes a lot of time, and if they have a lot of that, they can work as a team and knock out the work when expected of them.



Not a single benefit. No yearly reviews.

You got a good discount on the food, and the boss was pretty flexible with you when you needed days off. This is a part-time job so there weren’t very many possible benefits to get here

Did not really get any benefits. I only got time off when requested. It obviously was not paid time off but it was really easy to get the time off.

There are none benefit packages through Jet’s Pizza

As a normal employee, there are no real benefits. The money, the laid back environment, free food, discounts when off the clock…is really all you can expect. Some of the managers that work tons of hours do get monthly bonuses, and the general manager can receive medical. Apparently, our owners are planning on allowing anyone working 35 hours or more to get medical, but it hasn’t happened yet.

There’s nothing really useful, no medical, even though it is a hazardous job you can easily cut off a finger, or throw your back out with half of the things you need to do there, but there’s no medical to help you if you do.

There are no benefit packages for working at Jet’s Pizza. Time off was easy to negotiate as the hours were very flexible, but even salary employees needed to work more hours than was contracted in order to justify time off.

The best thing would be the benefits offered to General Managers. Great flexibility in scheduling, paid vacation, full health benefits… But no 401k.

I worked at Jet’s Pizza part-time for less than a year

Pros-Occasional free pizza on the job

Cons-Good managers kept being driven away by even worse owners.

Managers act like teenagers and act inappropriately.

Hours, Pay, Owners, Overworked, Underpaid

terrible pay for the amount of work done, franchise owner destroyed the store from her throne though watching cameras and nitpicking


Smith, John; Owner of Jet’s Pizza in Flint area






Jet’s helps Rosewood and other hospitals


Jet’s article pertaining to the “All Black Lives matter” movement.


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