What elements of motivating jobs has Google put into place, according to this description?


1. What elements of motivating jobs has Google put into place, according to this description? Name a few other elements that might be appropriate at Google.


2. What are the ergonomic challenges of jobs at Google? How does the company give workers flexibility in meeting those challenges?


3. Based on the information provided, write a simple workflow analysis listing the inputs, activities, and outputs of an Amazon distribution center.


4. Suppose Amazon hired you as a consultant to help it minimize the cost of severance pay to fulfilment center workers. Suggest a few ways Amazon might consider improving the design of the jobs.


5. In what ways is work at BraunAbility motivating? What other features of motivating work might BraunAbility be able to offer its employees?


6. What place would efficient job design have in a company like BraunAbility? How could BraunAbility improve job efficiency in a way that is consistent with the company’s emphasis on inclusiveness and flexibility?


7. Imagine that you work with the HR director at BraunAbility, and she has asked you to suggest some ways to reinforce employees’ sense that their jobs have an important positive impact on others. What would you suggest?


8. What has been the financial incentive for high[1]tech companies to agree not to recruit from one another? If the arrangements had not been challenged in court, would you consider them ethical? Why or why not?


9. Given that the Justice Department has seen these arrangements as possibly violating antitrust laws, what would be the most ethical way to decide whether to recruit employees from other companies?


10. What recruiting methods described here support SAP’s need for talented workers who help the company innovate?


11. Suggest a few other recruiting methods that would help SAP remain a strong, innovative company.


12. To meet labour shortages within the company, Boeing starts with promotions and transfers. What advantages might it experience from filling positions with current employees?


13. Besides the external recruitment sources described here, what other sources would you recommend for Boeing? Why?


14. Is a company ever too small for the need to engage in human resource planning? Why or why not? Discusswhether you think Robert Reed planned his hiring strategy at an appropriate time in the fi rm’s growth.


15. Review the options for avoiding a labour shortage and discuss how well the options besides new hires could have worked for Reed to reach his goals for growth. As you do so, consider qualities of a financial-planning business that might be relevant (for example, direct client contacts and the need for confidentiality). 3. Suppose that when Reed was seeking to hire a certified financial planner, he asked you for advice on where to recruit this person. Which sources would you suggest, and why?

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