What do you value most in leaders you choose to follow?

Course: Business Leadership

Word Limit: 500 words

Due Date: May 20, 2019

Assignment Detail:

Reflective Assignment: My Leadership Statement

Length: two pages maximum

Write an expression of the leadership values and attitudes that define your developing personal leadership style; this self-reflection provides the baseline for your future leadership style both personally and in the workplace. Please refer to concepts online and the discussion we had as a class. This is meant to get you to thinking about what leadership is to you now.

To help get you started, think about the following questions:

What do you feel is important to leaders? Why?

What do you value most in leaders you choose to follow?

What do you think is your best leadership quality(ies) right now? Why?

Share insights you have about your own leadership style today. Share examples of how you currently demonstrate leadership in your life.



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