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Please read thoroughly the case, Oxylane Network: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Effective HR
Practices in a Sports Company (Oxylane Network, for short), and answer all the questions. The exam
carries 40 marks; the questions carry equal marks.
We would award marks for the organisation and structure of your paper, the conciseness and the
professional tone of your language as well as the correctness of your spelling and grammar.
1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Oxylane Network’s recruitment and selection
methods? Can you recommend ways of improving these methods?
2. As an HR consultant, how do you address the challenges confronting:
a. The HR personnel
b. The managers of Oxylane Network
Present your clear and succinct proposal for each of the challenges.
3. Given the information contained in the case, how would you describe Oxylane Network’s
approach towards international HRM?
a. Ethnocentric
b. Polycentric
c. Regiocentric
d. Geocentric
Please give reasons for your answers.
4. Based on the evidence in the case regarding Oxylane Network’s culture and values and her
recruitment policy in this regard, design a guide questionnaire that would be used in the
candidates’ interviews. The questions should guide the interviewers in selecting the candidates
with the best fit for Oxylane Network’s culture and values. Suggest at least three questions per

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