What are the programs and practices of business organization that shows good governance?

  1. Apply the teachings of utilitarianism in the following scenario:
  • Parents or Authorities at home in making decisions
    • provide 2 concrete examples and explain how utilitarianism should be applied
  • Local Government Authorities
    • think of two programs your local government must have
    • apply the teachings of utilitarianism regarding the implementation of the programs
  1. Several companies have closed or stopped their operation as an aftermath of lockdowns due to Covid19. Some businesses have decided to continue operation but with a drastic cut on their manpower. Companies have to terminate or end the employment workers. Workers have lost their job.
  • If you are the owner or the manager of the business
    • provide actions or decisions (in a statement form) you will have using the “Principle of humanity” in your decision terminating some of your employees.
  1. Good Corporate Governance is expected to balance the interests of, and relationships between, the various stakeholders of the company while ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of the enterprise.

What are the programs and practices of business organization that shows good governance?

  • Select or identify a local company and search for the following: (5 points)
    • Name of the company
    • Owners
    • Number of years in operation
    • Kind of business and products
    • Vision and Mission
  • Review a company’sgood governancepractices and/or programs
    • you may do any of the following:
      • search the internet for your resources
      • email or electronic interview (messenger or chat) with a chosen company
      • face-to-face interview with authorized representative of a company (observe safety protocols)
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