What are the possible repercussions for his actions?

Trusty VanSmoot has had a very eventful year. He got married, had a child, moved several times, and his father was hospitalized numerous times for health problems. Given his wife, baby, father, and his job, Trusty has had little time for himself. Trusty receives his yearly registration renewal form from the ARRT, and recognizes he may not have completed the requisite continuing education credits. He thinks about the situation and decides that there is little chance he will be audited. He signs the form, attesting that he has his continuing education, encloses a check, and mails the form. Two weeks later Trusty receives an audit form from ARRT.

What does Trusty do now? Is it ever feasible to lie to the ARRT?

What are the possible repercussions for his actions? What would you have done and why?

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