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You are required to write a 2000 word essay on a choice of topics. These topics will correspond to those discussed in the course, and the questions will be expansive enough to provide students the opportunity to pursue particular questions of interest.

Q1 Intervention. Is it ever ok to intervene into a cultural practice? Research one case study of intervention to argue for or against ideas of cultural relativism.

Q2 Globalisation. In our globalised world is culture still important? Research one contemporary case study of globalisation and discuss the complex relationship between global forces and local realities?

Q3 Identity When, where and why does identity matter? Research one contemporary case study of a cultural group seeking recognition for their cultural identity.

Q4 Intersectionality What are the limits of culture? Explore one case study of the problems that arise if we try to look at culture in isolation from other social forces such as class, gender, ability/disability, sexuality, age, religion, etc. You will be assessed on the following criteria· Clear and focused response to the question· Ability to construct an argument and support it with the appropriate use of scholarly sources· Sensitivity and respect when representing cultural differences or culturally different voices.· Clarity of expression and structure. Correct and consistent referencing.

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