Virtual Systems and Services

DEN301 – Virtual Systems and Services
Assessment 1 – Individual technical report
In this assessment, you need to demonstrate your understandings of virtualization concept and the
implementation process of a virtualization desktop application. You need to write a short literature
review as well as a technical instruction on installing a virtual machine with an OS. The detailed
specification of this assessment is provided as below.
Important information
Please include SISTC’s assessment cover page at the beginning of the submitted work
This assessment weights 30% of your final grade
There are two tasks in this assessment, you need to submit one document covering both tasks.
The due date of this assessment is Week6 Sunday 28-Aug-2022, 11.59pm
Submitting your work late will attract a 10% reduction of mark for each day beyond the due date. A
delay of more than 5 days will result in being granted a grade of zero (0).
It is recommended to plan time appropriately and start your assessment early which will give you
time to gain feedback from your lecturer and do well.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:
LO1. Analyze the benefits of network and storage virtualization is, and what benefits it can offer in
the provision of IT services;
LO2. Critically evaluate the importance of different virtualization technologies for X86 and Unix based
LO3. Explore, in a practical way, and report on the services offered by one or more virtualization
Assessment Tasks
Task 1: Literature Review
Virtualization is technology that lets you create useful IT services using resources that are traditionally
bound to hardware. More and more organizations have adopted virtualization as one of their core
business strategies. In this task, you are required to produce a short literature review to discuss the
virtualization concept. Specifically, your literature review should address the following points:
• What is virtualization? Critically evaluate why virtualization is important for business today?
• Analyze and explain the role of hypervisor and virtual machine in virtualization.
• What are some contemporary virtualization practices?
o You need to supply real-world examples to support your discussions.
Your literature review length should be 1000 (+/- 10%) words. Valid references should be provided in
correct APA format. A minimum of 10 formal research sources are required in this part. Formal
resources included peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and industry magazines.
Task 2: Desktop Virtualisation System
In this task, you are required to demonstrate the ability to implement a desktop virtualization solution.
You need to 1) use VMware Workstation Player to load a Linux OS OR 2) use virtual box to load a
Windows OS. Please note that you are only required to do one of them. Specifically, you need to:
• Demonstrate how you install the workbench.
• Demonstrate how you load OS onto your workbench.
• Demonstrate the setting of your virtual desktop.
To demonstrate the above processes, you need to use screenshots as well as explanations of these
screenshots (e.g. why you ticked that box? Why set this to 2GB?).
Depending on the OS that you are loading, you need to do the following to demonstrate the setting
of your virtual desktop:
• For windows, you need to provide a screenshot of System Information Window and explain
the information on it.
• For Linux, you need to open up your terminal and type this command “sudo lshw -short”.
Provide a screenshot of the terminal and then explain the information there.

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