Video Security Vendors

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Video security or surveillance has become the basic for physical security measures. There are ample of vendors offering video surveillance management. Here is a list of three.

Video Security Vendors

OnSSI or On-net Surveillance Systems Inc. offers video surveillance and management services based on Internet protocol. This NewYork based company’s main USP lies in their vendor-independent services. Among various video surveillance management services, OnSSI provides camera management, recordkeeping, command centre video display management and  similar basic security surveillance tasks (Saugmann Andersen, 2017). Among the advanced tasks, OnSSI provides activities for virtual control, access control and authentication for physical security requirements. The alerting service based on integrated and automated video content analysis adds to the success of OnSSI’s offerings.

Genetec Inc. is another bright solution in video security system. A bit older than OnSSI, Genetec is a Canada-based company that offers the similar services like the former with a few process variations. Its service is completely IP driven software based video management. Besides camera surveillance, the company offers access control and license plate recognition. Their service is also vendor neutral with provisions for camera management in both analogue and digital mechanism, tracking and documenting, alerting etc. The video content analysis alerting system is customizable in their service (Saugmann Andersen, 2017). Unlike OnSSI which is favourite in government and serious enterprises including educational sector, Genetic’s function is popularized in mainly private and public sectors including transportation and education.

Milestone Systems Inc. is another open vendor independent video security provider company, similarly aged with Genetec. The company, like the rest two follows IP-based surveillance software to provide video security solution (Zhang, Lei, Wang & Mu, 2013). Apart from government and educational sectors, its consumer base consists of finance and banking too.


Evidently, the leading organizations in video security service use IP-based software application and provides mostly vendor-independent services. Verint Systems, DVTel, Aimetis Corp, Cisco systems are some more famous vendors of video security.


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Video security usually refers to video camera surveillance for physical security. A lot of vendors have emerged in the market to provide solutions for domestic to official surveillance systems (Saugmann Andersen, 2017). Here is the compared offerings of three vendors.

Video Security Vendors

ACTI is a leading name in the field of video security surveillance. They have come up with both products from manufacturers’ field and service from their IT operations to ensure a combined platform from single vendor to the clients. Like any major video security vendor, ACTI offers both network camera recorders and IP surveillance for video content. The vendor’s main USP is their flexible offers that support budget-sensitive security solutions for different requirement cases (Talvitie-Lamberg, 2018). MPEG-4 IP box cameras, PTZ domes, speed domes are some of ACTI IP selection provisions. Centralized, integrated video management and documentation is offered by the same systems and tools like Network Video Recorder, servers etc.

Arecount Vision is another popular name among video security vendors. It differentiates its services by advanced multi megapixel camera recording machines. The vendor is preferred by large companies due to their advanced surveillance facilities like 360 degree panoramic recording, day and night light adjustment and vivid details for utmost help in detecting threats and also in future assistance of information (Talvitie-Lamberg, 2018). Arecount has also included sensors, processing, zooming in their tools to compete with their peers.

Avigilon is another versatile service provider for video security. Its products and services are very specific and customizable. Besides high clarity and image precision, the company offers a user friendly interface for screening and provision for downloading softcopy of data etc. Ports, common places, parking lots etc are common where the products are utilized (Saugmann Andersen, 2017). HD, designing software, panoramic view, NVR are also provided by Avigilon. The company gets competitive advantage by offering the clients free consultation and system design.


Axis, Bosch, Canon, Cisco, DLink etc are more instances of this service.

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