Using Biometrics in Relationship to U.S. Government Contracts

Topic 1: Using Biometrics in Relationship to U.S. Government Contracts

Consider an organization of approximately 5,000 employees evenly distributed across seven locations. This organization fulfills various U.S. government contracts, although none of the contract work is military related. The organization wants to use a biometric system as a form of identity management for access control to its facilities. The website provides information concerning the use of biometrics by individuals and organizations. Using information given in the website, what general type of system would you recommend that this organization use and why would you make that recommendation? Be sure to consider the uniqueness, universality, permanence, measurability, and acceptability factors in your response. Do a Web search for and the NSTC subcommittee to find information to support your recommendation.

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Identify 3 articles and provide a summary of each within 500 of more words. Provide the articles in proper APA format and a brief summary below it.

SELECTING A TOPIC Selecting a Topic Dr. Irvin Heard University of the Cumberlands Running head: SELECTING A TOPIC Running head: SELECTING A TOPIC Abstract You have read several journal articles….

Video Security Vendors

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Discuss the impact of diversity to the development and management of the proposed information system.

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