undertake research and complete a business process report based on a case study (provided by your lecturer/tutor)

One team member is to be elected the team leader for the duration of the assignment. Teams are required to: i). undertake research and complete a business process report based on a case study (provided by your lecturer/tutor), and ii). give a team oral presentation or record a video of an oral presentation discussing your business process report. Report Teams will prepare a business process report based on a case study and should use their own initiative regarding any assumptions and cycle times if needed. Specific criteria for the business report include: a). a description and application of a process categorisation model (e.g. Porter or Earl) b). a description and application of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) c). apply Dijkman et al’s (2011) technique discussed in lectures to prepare a case function matrix and identify all associated processes d). use appropriate software, model any two (2) of the processes identified in part (c) e). provide an explanation of how each of the models created in part (d), adhere to Mendling et al’s (2010) 7PMG guidelines discussed in the week lecture f). consider each model produced in part (d), calculate the process cycle time for each of the two (2) processes modelled. Any assumptions made should be documented in the report g). use redesign techniques by Reijers and Mansar (2005) discussed in lectures, to identify any two (2) design flaws in the as-is models created in part (d). Use heuristics and any appropriate product-based design approaches and display the impact of any heuristic measures on the Devil’s Quadrangle. Document any assumptions in the report. h). Select one of the models created in part (d) for automation. Apply the five (5) step method to transform the model into executable form

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