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  1.  Alan Turing conceived digital computing in 1936 and the first Automatic Computing Engine (ACE) was built in the late 1940s.  Since then digital machines have continued to ‘automate’ tasks once carried out by humans. Digital technologies are also designed to ‘mimic’ human nature in various ways.  For example, cameras simulate human sight in robotics e.g. Mars Rover.  Science fiction films, literature and brain science also open up philosophical questions about the intersections between humans and digital machines. What is Singularity? Discuss, drawing on the sources provided in the unit materials. In your answer explore the notion of ‘thinking machines’ and explain briefly what Turing meant by the ‘Imitation Game’.
  1.   Digital and Social Media, including crowdsourcing and participatory culture has impacted on mainstream journalism practice, so much so that in 2008 major media organisations introduced social media guidelines for journalists. Drawing on the online BBC guidelines, explain how social media guidelines impact on journalism practice.  By 2014 journalists were also using cameras attached to civilian drones, but they also had to adhere to strict aviation regulations. What are some of the key issues associated with journalism and the use of civilian drones for newsgathering? How might these issues impact on journalism practices in the near future?  Discuss, drawing on materials provided in the unit.
  1. Location-based media applications via mobile devices depend on maps overlayed with other information.  The idea of combining maps with other data is not new – it was used in the 1800s to learn more about the spread of disease in urban environments, notably in London (Gordon and De Souza).  Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the 21st century continue to use maps and cross-referencing of data. These applications are often mobile, breaking away from the desktop computer. Ubiquitous computing aims to be ‘calm’ and free users, from the desktop, but more people are creating applications using code, including school children.  Discuss, drawing on materials provided in the unit. In your discussion include an explanation of how at least one markup language (mentioned in the unit), can shape location based media.

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