Today, love is deeply embedded in what has been called “therapy culture.” Discuss and critically assess the connections.

I asked the teacher for some advice on how to approach the essay, and this is what he gave me.

1-The relevant lecture is not the main source, but just one of the sources.
2- You are supposed to find sources that SUPPORT your argument.
3- ((IMPORTANT)) You are supposed to discuss the connection between modern, Western love and therapy culture. First, you need to show that you understand what that means. Here, the lecture will be helpful at least as an introduction to the topic. Then think: how does the literature approach that connection? What do I think about it? What have I learned? What question does it raise?

Word count (excluding references): 800-1000

You must draw on the relevant lecture(s) as a reference source(s).
Here are the lecture slides that relevant to the question:
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Minimum references: 5 (excluding lectures) you have to find five academic sources and reference the lecture. (total of 6 sources with the lecture)

12 fonts and double spacing.

(Harvard referencing style)

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