To critically assess Australia’s capability to respond successfully to cross-cutting and emerging public health issues affecting the health and wellbeing of a particular population group.

For this assessment task, you will:
 work in a group to undertake research, present your findings and lead a short class discussion in class on Day 5
 submit an individual 1,000 word written report one week after the group presentations that comments on the findings and conclusions of other groups.

The scenario for this assessment task
The Minister for Health has become aware of cross-cutting and emerging public health issues with implications for the health and wellbeing of a population group in Australia.
Your group has been appointed to examine Australia’s capability to respond successfully to one of these issues in order to ensure that the health and wellbeing of the affected population group is protected and enhanced.
To do this, your group will critically review relevant evidence, analyse a range of aspects of this issue and what would be needed to respond to it, and draw conclusions.
Group members will share and debate findings from their investigations with a group of peers and make a presentation of findings and conclusions to the Minister for Health.

Approaching the task:
Your group’s presentation to the Minister for Health must answer this overall question:
Is Australia capable of responding successfully to this issue?
The presentation must provide adequate information to show how your group reached its conclusions.
The following 10 aspects should be succinctly covered:
1. the nature of the issue, its determinants (proximal and distal), how it emerged and over what time period
2. the population ‘at risk’ or affected by the issue and relevant characteristics of this population
3. what success looks like if the issue was effectively addressed
4. currently used strategies – if any – that appear to be addressing this issue effectively
5. adequacy of the public health system underpinning detection and analysis of the issue, advocacy, planning and action
6. presence of leadership in the system to address the issue
7. strengths and weaknesses of the knowledge/evidence base available to guide action
8. structures (eg. cross-sector arrangements, institutions, organisations) through which action to address the issue could be organised and implemented
9. the role of the public in addressing the issue and what capabilities they might need
10. how action on this issue might make a positive or negative impact on other issues.

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