This is an individual task to critique on one recent research journal article

This is an individual task to critique on one recent research journal article (within last 2 years).
The topic of journal article must be related to one of the following topics:
a) The time value of money and its application b) The principles and methods in project evaluation c) The application of project evaluation methods d) Risk and return e) The capital markets f) Sources of long-term financing g) Sources of short-term financing h) The dividend policy and share repurchase decisions i) The principles of capital structure j) Cost of capital and the taxation issues in project evaluation k) International corporate finance
Based on your group selected topic, each member in the group can choose one research article from following journals: Academic Journals • Australian Financial Review • Financial Analysts Journal • Financial Management • Journal of Banking and Finance • Journal of Business Finance and Accounting • Journal of Finance
General rules:
• No two group can select the same topic. The topic must be selected and registered by each group with the lecturer in the 1″ week tutorial. Once the topic is selected, no further change is allowed. • No two students within the same group can select the same journal article.
Task One (1000 words individual Summary of Critique):

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What steps can Vivian Noble take to recruit and develop her new workforce?

Fresh Foods Supermarkets is a grocery store chain that was established in the Southeast 20 years ago. The company is now beginning to expand to other regions of the United….

Do you think barrier options should be more expensive than plain vanilla options of same characteristics?

Barrier option A ‘knock-out barrier option’ is a call or put option which may only be exercised at maturity if the price of the underlying never hits a pre-agreed barrier….

Do you agree with the court that this duty is both a logical and modest extension of physicians’ “traditional” obligation to their patients? Why or why not?

1.Go back to the first legal principle drawn from the Canterbury decision: namely, that physicians have a duty of reasonable disclosure to include therapy options and the dangers potentially involved….