This assignment is a reflection between what i do as a practice manager/clinic manager at a dental clinic and theory and professional references.

This assignment is a reflection between what i do as a practice manager/clinic manager at a dental clinic and theory and professional references. Please take into consideration what i do in work when it comes to giving examples and evaluations to answer the questions and to also meet the recommendation for this work. There are two attachment files 1- Leadership theory that i want you to use before answering the questions 2- workbook temple that i would like you to use as a guide to answer each of the four workbook questions. The assignment is 2200 words you must follow the temple carefully and APA 7th edition.
The follow is a workbook questions:

Task Aim/Rationale

The aim of this assignment is for you to critically reflect on the materials within this course. It is also an opportunity for you to reflect, summarise and synthesise your understanding of leadership and provide you with opportunities to identify next steps in your own leadership development. The portfolio requires you to organise your thoughts about your own leadership, as well as, how you can present your leadership strengths, experiences and skills to others.

After completing the leadership portfolio assignment , students should:

  1. Be better prepared to discuss their leadership experiences, skills and strengths with others ( including potential employers).
  2. Have a clear plan to developing and enhancing your own leadership skills
  3. Possess a greater self- awareness of who you are as a leader.


Task Description

For this task you need to create an ePortfolio about Leadership and You. You will create this e-Portfolio by completing a series of workbooks in PebblePad. Each workbook will correspond to the 4 topics listed (the 4 workbooks can be accessed across the top of this screen):

  1. Leadership Philosophy
  2. Leadership Experience
  3. Leadership Styles
  4. Leadership Development


  • It is mandatory to complete all four (4) workbooks to gain a mark for thisassignment.
  • Each workbook will have instructions to help guide you through the workbook.
  • In each workbook of your PebblePad e-Portfolio, you will critically reflect on your learning throughout the course and link it to your leadership journey.
  • You will support your work by providing evidence (seen in the workbook as “artefacts”). This might include essays that you have written, journal articles that you have read, self–assessment tools you have used in the course or elsewhere, work-related learning and examples of your leadership capabilities (to name a few).
  • There are a number of mandatory tasksthatmustbe addressed throughout the e-portfolio.
  • The maximum word limit is located at the bottom of each exercise.
  • Make sure you edit the e-portfolio before submitting.

Please note you:

  • MUST NOT copy other reflection pieces referred to on the internet, or created by other students or in previous courses. Your work is unique to you. Note, there is no right or wrong answer – but your work must address the assessment rubric.
  • MUST write in paragraph form, to address each section (not in a series of bullet or numbered points).
  • MUST write in the first person (e.g. “I”, “My”)
  • MUSTinclude any references in the appropriate referencing style.
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