There are multiple kinds of prejudice, including racism, sexism, ageism, sexual prejudice, and weight prejudice, to name a few (Nelson, 2009)

. As people become aware of stereotyping, there is an increased awareness of the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice. Researchers often distinguish between implicit/subtle prejudice and explicit/blatant prejudice.This distinction refers to how prejudice is activated cognitively and manifested in the individual. Sometimes prejudice is unconscious and can be triggered by certain stimuli. This is considered a subtle prejudice. Other times, people have conscious awareness of prejudice, which results in a blatant behavioral display (Crisp & Turner, 2007).

The Assignment (5–7 pages)

  • Select a type of prejudice.
  • Find three articles that study this type of prejudice and synthesize the information relative to the prejudice. Include the research question each author was attempting to answer. Explain whether the kind of prejudice you selected is most often blatant or subtle and explain why. Use the current literature to support your response.
  • Describe two potential impacts of this type of prejudice on individual behavior or relationships when exhibited blatantly and exhibited subtly. Use the current literature to support your response.
  • Explain three ways to reduce this type of prejudice (whether blatant or subtle) and justify your response using the current literature.
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Lash on is an African-American student who believes that intelligence is fixed. Persuading him that intelligence is malleable may make him less prejudiced against out group members.

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