The Road Not Taken: Please kindly and carefully correct it for me.

Please kindly and carefully correct it for me.

The Road Not Taken

“The road not taken” is the most famous and popular in the twentieth century and until now. This poem is the first printed in the italics (the Atlantic Monthly) and first collected in Mountain Interval in 1916. In this poem, a traveler is standing in the wood and have to face two roads diverged on front of him. He has to decide which way to go in order to continue his journey. After along consider, he decides to take a road that less people travel. He tells himself that he will travel another way later but it is not possible. Sometimes in our life we have to decide with way to go to continue our road of life. The traveler refuses the road that most people choose and take a road “less travel by” even though he now that this road is full of the arrow.

Robert Frost is one of the most famous poets in the America in the twentieth century. Because his parents are teacher, so he started studying and reading from very young. He also read many works of the famous poet such as William Shakespeare and Robert Burn. After high school, he started writing his own poem. At the time for change, he and his family came to England. At the England, he became friend with Edward Thomas and Ezra. Thomas often walked in the woods near London. He had to choose the path to go whenever he walked in the woods, and then he wondering that he might have missed something in the other path. During that time, Robert Frost composed the poem, “The road not taken” for his friend Thomas. Robert frost’s road of life was full of the challenges for him. Before he becomes famous poet, he taught and worked in a mill. In England, he began teaching in the college and published the “Mountain Interval”. Not like the other poets at that time, most of his poems was not follow the traditional verse form but only used the rhyme erratically. During his life, he received four Pulitzer Prize and his work gives the readers joy and understanding.

During the twentieth century, “The road not taken” is the most popular. Until now many writers still analyze it. Frost creates this poem with four stanzas of five lines. At the first stanza, the traveler in the woods when he comes to tow roads diverged and has to decide which way to go. Second stanza, the two roads are about the same worn and he wants to take the road that less people travel. Third stanza, the traveler decides to take the one that he selected and come back other day for another road, but then he doubts that he will not have an opportunity to take another road. Last stanza, the travelers says that he will tell to others about his choice. Whether this choice is right or wrong, it will make a difference in his life. The pattern in this poem is following ABAAB- CDCCD-EFEEF-GHGGH. Frost uses irony tone in “The road not taken,” with a loving and joyful. In the poem, the traveler say “because it was grassy and wanted wear,” but then the traveler say that both roads have the same worn, it is the irony elements in this poem. The consonance is use in the third stanza, “equally lay leave” with the “l” sounds. Because of these elements, the poem become more wonder to the writers to analyzes and to the readers understand and read.

Under Robert Frost’ style written, it makes each verse in the poem become more interesting when we paraphrase them. “Two roads diverged in the yellow wood -And sorry I cannot travel both,” There is two roads on front of the traveler, the word “yellow” is symbol of the autumn and the traveler feels sorry because he cannot travel both of them. “And be one travel, long I stood. And looked down one as far as I could. To where it bent in the undergrowth;” He stands there and tries to look at one road as far as he could but he cannot see the end of the road. “Then took the other, as just as fair.” He looks at the other road but it is the same as the first one. “And having perhaps the betters claim, “Because it was grassy and wanted wear;” This road has grass and seem like it wants people to travel it. Come to the next sentence “Though as for that the passing there. Had worn them really about the same,” it seems those two roads have the same worn. “And both that morning equally lay. In leaves no step had trodden black.” Both roads were not walk by the other people in that morning. As for the next line: “Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” The traveler decides to keep the first road and travel the other later but then he doubts that he will have the opportunity to travel the second one. Come to the last stanza: “I shall be telling this with a sight. Somewhere ages and ages hence;” later, when he become older, he will tell his decision with a sight. The last three: “Two roads diverged in the yellow wood, and I- I took the one less travel by, And that has make all the difference.” there is two road diverged in the wood and he took the one that few people taken. It is really a challenged in his road of life whether it is good or bad it will make his life difference. By not using the traditional verse form, Frost have had made his poem, it gives the readers joys and understand.

In order to make the poem become more interesting, Frost also uses the figurative language to add more wonderful elements in the poem such as metaphor, personification, and symbolism. First, the author uses metaphor to the title and in the poem. The title: “The road not taken,” the word “road” for “life”. In the first line it is the word “yellow” mean autumn is also one of metaphor. The road is a symbol in this poem. Road for life and the traveler have to pick the way that decides his life. In addition, Frost uses personification in the poem. The road wanted wear in line 8 is an example of the personification. By using the personification, it adds more living in the poem.

“The road not taken” is the poem expresses the people felling. In my life, sometimes I have to make decisions that decide my life. I have a hard time when it comes to a difficult decision. The decisions that I made may change my road of life. For example, when I make the decision of which university will I should go. If I choose the good university, I am sure that it will make my life become better. The hard decision is that when I decide which major I will take. Usually, the people choose the major that make more money but it is not the one they like. That is the reason many students change their major during their study period. It is hard to study the one that we don’t like and the outcome is that it waist our time. Just like in the poem, the traveler chooses the one that he feels like to travel. Even though, the way that leas travel by is the one will full of challenges and arrows but he feel like this way is calling for him. As for me, when I make the decision, I usually use my heart on it. My heart is always telling the truth which one I do like and which one I do not like.

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