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The Nursing Shortage

Although many people are still unemployed, that is not the case with nurse professionals. Virtually every hospital is aggressively recruiting nurses. Many turn to foreign-trained nurses, for example, by recruiting nurses in the Philippines. Experts expect nurses to be in very short supply for years to come. Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience in creating a recruitment program. Required Understanding: You should be thoroughly familiar with the contents of this chapter and with the nurse recruitment program of a hospital such as Lenox Hill/North well Hospital in New York (see jobs .northwell.edu). How to Set Up the Exercise/Instructions: Set up groups of four to five students for this exercise. The groups should work separately and should not converse with each other.

Each group should address the following tasks:

1. Based on information available on the hospital’s website, create a hard-copy ad for the hospital to place in the Sunday edition of The New York Times. Which (geographic) editions of the Times would you use, and why?

2. Analyze the hospital’s current online nurses’ ads. How would you improve on it?

3. Prepare in outline form a complete nurses’ recruiting program for this hospital, including all recruiting sources your group would use.

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