The effects of emerging technologies and trends on entire business operations using a case study

In this assessment, you demonstrate your understanding and ability to analyse the effects of emerging technologies and trends on entire business operations using a case study. The consideration should be given to the concept of continuous improvement approach.
The selected case from the chosen organisation should be based on prospects of business process improvement plan.
The fully referenced report MUST contain the following sections: Table of contents: Section titles with associated page numbers. Executive Summary Introduction: Introduce the report, the case and the purpose of the report. Briefly introduce the forthcoming contents. Background: Set the scene with appropriate and well-researched background discussion. Analyse the technologies and trends as external factor that have affected or can potentially affect the market(s), stakeholders and areas of business operations of the business. You may wish to refer to wider context, e.g. industry trends and challenges. Affected market: By choosing and focusing on selected market /stakeholder (from the set you identified in the “Background” section), you clearly and thoroughly discuss what you believe will happen within this market by discussing about the effect of competitor, impact on selected segment (B2C or B2B) in terms of their expectations. Develop the SMART objectives to achieve the organisational objectives while adopting the emerging technological trends. Introduce the specific emerging technology based on the defined case, background and affected market which can be a value-added factor for the company. Business operations (Business case): Present a business case for the company to undertake strategic changes, which will be required for the business to survive and succeed in its selected market. This can be done by comparing, contrasting and analysing emerging technology (identified in affected market) to the associated challenges. Suggesting a strategy model for business operations to adopt the technology (using models and concepts found in the course and via wider reading) to respond to the changes in the wider market (from Affected Market section) and to enhance the stakeholder expectations and experience throughout their connectivity with business. Suggest any digital transformation roadmap to enhance the overall value. Explore the implementation and control approaches linked with the strategy. Conclusions: Summarise the findings and suggest any areas for future work (e.g., further potential for other emerging technologies that will affect the industry you have been writing about).References: A properly formatted set of references for all sources cited in the report. Please note that citing sources of concepts/theories/models and use of the academic literature, as well as industry data and research are essential.

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