The effect of strategic management & strategic planning process towards implementing business strategy.

Topic: The effect of strategic management & strategic planning process towards implementing business strategy.
Task Details: Students are required to research and discuss different strategic concepts to strategic management and compare them focusing on strategic planning process and implementation of business strategy. Students should identify at least one organisation, where each process has been implemented and evaluate its effectiveness. Students should draw conclusion and recommendation based on evidence and discuss the significance of each process. This should be supported with relevant theories, models and present their research in a professional report format.
Students must use the following concepts in their report:
o Role of Strategy
o The business environment and strategy o Strategy development process
o Dynamics of competition
o Strategic planning
o Strategic leadership
o Strategy and change management
o Business ethics and sustainability
o Strategic control and evaluations.
Research requirements: Students need to support their analysis with support from the text and a minimum of 10 suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources – this should include at least 4 academic journal articles. Students should demonstrate an understanding of the validity of other sources and the information gained from them, e.g. the information found on a corporate website is only like to present the positive elements.
The articles in Section 2.9 above may be used if relevant, but better research marks will be awarded to students who do their own independent relevant research.

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