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The dual system shown below is comprised of a steel moment resisting frame and steel chevron braces. Note that the interior connection of the moment frame is a shear tab or simple pin connection. The wide flange (W-Shape column members, C1 and C2, are oriented for strong axis bending with geometric properties found in Table 1-1. The braces are Square HSS with geometric properties found in Table 1-12. Assume E 29,000 ksi for all members.



Use approximate analysis to find the maximum shear and bending moment in columns C1 and C2 as well as the maximum axial force in each brace, B1 through B4. Summarize your results in a table like the following:


What percentage of the total lateral load do columns C1 and C2 resist?

W18X158 —– Area = 46.3in^2 I=347in^4

HSS6x6x3/8 —- Area = 7.58in^2 I=39.5 in^4

HSS9x9x1/2 —- Area = 15.3in^2 I= 183in^4


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