The angle of intersection of a curve is the angle between the?

A. Different grades are joined together by a


(a) compound curve (b) transition curve

(c) reverse curve (d) vertical curve

B. When the length of any chord of a curve is less than peg interval, it is known as

(a) small chord (b) subchord (c) normal chord (d) short chord

C. The angle of intersection of a curve is the angle between the

(a) back tangent and forward tangent

(b) prolongation of back tangent and forward tangent

(c) forward tangent and long chord

(d) back tangent and long chord

D. If D is the degree of a curve of radius R, then the tangen tial angle may be obtained

by Rankine’s method, in minutes, by multiplying the length of the chord by the

(a) degree of curve (b) square of the degree of curve

(c) inverse of the degree of curve (d) radius of curve

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