The aim of this assessment task is to design and develop a Blockchain solution for a selected business.

The aim of this assessment task is to design and develop a Blockchain solution for a selected business. This assessment will help students to better understand and provide recommendations for managers, boards and stakeholders for adopting Blockchain solutions with the understanding of the potential future scenarios.

  1. Prepare a report and include the following points:
    1. Explain the context of your business (including the type of business, targeted customers, strategies, etc.) or the type of industry you have selected for this report.
    2. Explain the role of trust in the selected industry or business processes, current approaches for building trust (including intermediaries), and where a trustless system can benefit.
    3. Explain the role of blockchain technology for creating trust. Also select an appropriate business model to adopt blockchain in the context of your organisation and briefly justify your choice.
    4. Propose a blueprint or technical design for your suggested blockchain system. You should include the users, nodes, structure of blocks, and how it can be securely accessed.
    5. Suggest and briefly explain governance mechanisms for the suggested blockchain solution.
    6. List and explain possible risks and challenges (including ethical and legal challenges) for your proposed system and where applicable explain how you plan to mitigate these risks.
    7. Explain how future trends in blockchain technology can impact your proposed solution for the business or industry

Report Requirements

  1. Write a report that addresses the areas outlined above. The report should not exceed 2,000 words. This excludes the reference list, title page, table of contents and appendices – if applicable. The report should be prepared in a word processing software such as Microsoft Word. The report should have appropriate headings and subheadings (including a cover page, an executive summary, an introduction and conclusion).
  2. Harvard Referncing
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