Technology has positive effects on business.

Technology has positive effects on business. The internet makes it possible for people to communicate easily with associates in other countries as the flow of information is very fast and often free once you have paid for internet access. Technology moves very fast and the businesses use it to analyze data and plot forecasts using the complicated program, log in and out, update inventory information and they can react immediately to any changes. Technology is free from human error and is always accurate and trustworthy. Other benefits of technology are increased production of goods and services, reduced amount of labor, safety measurements for labor, and a higher standard of living directly from labor saving technology.

Sometimes technology can have negative impact on business such as it decreases the personal aspect of business relationships, installing monitoring software in the workplace sends the message to the employees that the company does not trust them, spam has negative impact on business, increased greater possibilities of crime as the hackers can access personal or financial data of customers, and smaller stores are finding more difficult to compete with large retail stores. Other negative effects are environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, technological unemployment etc.

Yes, the society is intoxicated with technology because people nowadays prefer to chat with each other online or phones rather than contacting face to face with their family members or others. People stay busy with their smartphones, internet, or watching tv thus creating a gap between the nears and dears.

This poses problems for business with respect to the ethics of technology such as the technology advances quicker than society or business and can grasp its consequences, privacy invades through cellphones, principles of fairness and justice, protection of rights and utilitarianism etc.

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