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Employed by Little Bang Brewery, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters  Quany’s Gym, Sparkyologists  Qantum Bicycles to open a new office in Canberra.

The purpose of this individual assessment is to give students an opportunity to create an integrated project management plan that meets industry standards and objectives. In analysing the organisational factors that promote effective project management, students will also consider factors that may give rise to ethical compromises.

Assessment Instructions

Presume that you have just been employed by one of the companies listed below to manage an opening of a new office in Canberra.


Little Bang Brewery

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters  Quany’s Gym

Sparkyologists  Qantum Bicycles


For the purposes of this assessment, you are to assume the office/venue in Canberra will be an identical model and operations, with the location being entirely sustainable (without goods/services being shared between the two locations).


Within your research consider the….