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James Pope died on the 2nd November of 2019. He left a will dated the 8th of September 1991-Who will be responsible for administering Jame’s estate – Oakes v Oakes (1852) 9 Hare 666

Joshua Herewini of Somerby Cottage, Shepreth Lane, Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, a retired aerial archaeologist, died last week aged eighty three. As one of the executors of his will, Juliet Lawrie, his sister in law, has instructed Mrs Sarita Patel  a solicitor of Pemberton  LLP Solicitors to advise her on a number of issues that are concerning her regarding the deceased’s homemade will which was made on the 22nd May 1999. He had made this will shortly after coming out of hospital following a contusion on the brain and a fractured jaw caused by him being knocked off his bicycle by a motor car.

Mrs Lawrie is not sure what her duties and responsibilities are regarding her being the executrix of Joshua Herewini’s will. Mr Herewini appointed two executors and….