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What phenomenon of the global marketplace is the Coralius VP championing with her global brand-building strategy

Golden Global Award

Global Cosmetics Brand

Coralius Cosmetics is a global cosmetics manufacturer with annual revenues of USD 1.1 billion. Headquartered in Los Angeles, its brand of eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow is widely recognized in over 75 countries. In the past, Coralius has successfully relied on its regional managers to create local advertising and promotion initiatives for its cosmetics.

Blockbuster Opportunity

A film industry studio has approached the executive vice president and global marketing officer of Coralius Cosmetics with a cosmetic sponsorship offer for a sequel to a blockbuster movie. Since the three female stars of the movie are from western Europe, south Asia and eastern Europe, the VP sees this sponsorship as an opportunity to launch a global brand-building strategy. She proposes to the Coralius CEO….