supply chain presentation on Woolworth

This task is based on our previous task that was supply chain presentation on Woolworth.(attached ppt)

Demonstrate application of concepts, tools and methods and provide explanation of industry drivers in the context of the business case presented by your group.


Using the in class-presentation delivered by your group, address the following questions in your individual report:Best Custom Essay Writing Services |

1. Refine your illustration and description of your supply chain, including its activities, relationships, partners and stakeholders based on the information you received during group presentations. Select three (3) activities that are important to your supply chain, describe these activities in detail, and show how they link to your focal company’s overall strategic goals.
2. Pick two of your supply chain’s brands and/or products. Describe three (3) of the business requirements thes customers/markets of these brands would have towards your supply chain. Does your supply chain align with the business requirements?
3. Partnership models are common in today’s supply chain and can include arrangements of traditional sourcing and of collaboration and outsourcing. Name three (3) key sourcing arrangements present in your supply chain and describe the strategic implication of each.
4. Provide a summary/conclusion/point-of-view that shows the relationship between the issues discussed in questions 1-3, i.e. how do supply chain process and capabilities align with customer expectations and with expectations of supply chain partners?

Answer your questions in a report format, i.e. cover page, toc, introduction, main question and your answers. The maximum points you can achieve for this assignment is 40. Points will be awarded for the overall structure and logic (10), Answering each question (10 each).

The same tips as for the presentation apply for your individual report:

1. Use a structured approach to organise the analysis and corresponding presentation of results!
2. Use selected methods, framework or concept, to which you can refer all your analysis and findings!
3. Prode examples where appropriate to substantiate your analysis/findings.

marking criteria file also attached

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