Summarize the clinical implications related to the statistical outcomes for each of the questions above.

Part 1: Yoga and Stress Study Statistical Tests

  1. Using the data set linked in Resources, determine the measurement level of data of the dependent or outcome variable (Psychological Stress Score) you are analyzing.
    • Is the data categorical, ordinal, or interval or ratio?
  2. Before performing any statistical tests, you must determine which tests would be most appropriate for your data type.
    • First, perform a pre-evaluation of the data for outliers (all variables) and normal distribution (only dependent variables) as you have done previously.
    • Then, u?seHow to Choose a Statistical Test (linked in Resources) as general guidance in helping you to decide which test to use.
    • Use the readings, media, resources, and textbook as guides to perform an analysis of the selected variables.
  3. Perform and interpret an appropriate series of statistical tests (including pre-analytical testing for outliers and normal distribution of data) that answer the following research questions:
    • How would you quantitatively describe the study population?
      • Summarize the primary demographic data using descriptive statistics.
    • Is there any association between gender and race in this military study?
      • Perform an appropriate chi-square analysis.
  4. Perform preliminary assessment of the data, then compare pretest to post-test scores.
    • In the total population being studied, what was the effect of the yoga intervention on stress?
  5. Provide the SPSS “.sav”output file that shows your programming and results for this assignment.

Part 2: Interpretive Report

  1. Summarize the clinical implications related to the statistical outcomes for each of the questions above.
  2. Describe potential limitations of the study (Part 1, number 3).

Additional Requirements

  • Length:Your paper will be 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages of content, plustitle and reference pages.
  • ?Font:Times New Roman, 12 points.
  • APA Format:Your title and reference pages mustconform to APA format and style guidelines. The body of your paper does not need to conform to APA guidelines.Do make sure that it is clear, persuasive, organized, and well written, without grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. You also must cite your sources according to APA guidelines.
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