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Strange People: Pat, Phillip, Ivana, and Sarah are the first names of four strange people who are all taking courses at the University of Michigan – Flint. Me’ondaback actually has a full ride, because he is fortunate enough to be able to do well on standardized tests. Well whoopity doo. Please use the clues to determine each person’s full, but unusual, name. 1. On’Pisa and Pat play on the same men’s mancala team. 2. Noinstructor and Tonin have both set women’s records in breakdancing. 3. Sarah and Noinstructor both went to the same la bodega today to get a pack of gum. Use a matrix logic grid to solve the problem. Place an “X” on the grid for incorrect answers and an “O” for correct answers. Your grid must include subscripts when appropriate. Finally, you must write out the first and last names of each person.

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