Sales Dialogue Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to get you to focus on using the material covered in the course in an attempt to remove the information from the abstract (book) and bring it into practical use (presentation usage). This project will cover the planning sales dialogues and presentations.
Preparation Instructions:
1. Compose your response to this activity in Microsoft Word using the Sales Dialogue Template on pages 139-140 of the textbook.
2. The paper should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, and one-inch margins (no exceptions).
3. Use APA 6th edition formatting when citing references used in the research.
4. The paper should contain a cover page and reference page (if necessary).
Content Instructions:
1. Select a company and product that you may be interested in and use the product to complete your sales dialogue.
2. The sales dialogue must completely address the following:
a. Prospect Information
1. Company and key person information
2. Other influences on the purchase decision
b. Customer Value Proposition
c. Sales Call Objective
d. Linking Buying Motives, Benefits, Support Information, and Reinforcement Methods
e. Current Suppliers (if applicable) and Other Key Competitors
f. Beginning the Sales Dialogue
g. Anticipated Prospect Questions and Objections, with Planned Responses
h. Earn Prospect Commitment
i. Building Value through Follow-up Action
Submission Instructions:
• Save this assignment as “fname_lname_interviewing_consumers.doc.” (i.e., john_smith_sales_dialogue.doc)
• Access the Assignments link located on the Course Menu to upload the final document as an attachment to the Sales Dialogue drop box by the due date listed on the Course Schedule.
• Refer to the grading rubric in the drop box for specifics on grading criteria.

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