Run your script with specific values of x and n.

An iterative equation for solving the equation x2−x−1=0 is given by

xr+1=1+(1/xr) for r =0,1,2, …


Given x0 is 2 write a MATLAB script to solve the equation. Sufficient accuracy is obtained when |xr+1−xr|< 0.0005.=”” include=”” a=”” check=”” on=”” the=”” answer.1.13.=”” given=”” a=”” 4×5=”” matrix=”” a,=”” write=”” a=”” script=”” to=”” find=”” the=”” sums=”” of=”” each=”” of=”” the=”” columns=”” using:=””>

(a) the for … end construction

(b) the function sum

Given a vector x with n elements, write a MATLAB script to form the products

pk = x1x2 …xk−1xk+1 …xn

for k =1,2,…,n. That is, pk contains the products of all the vector elements except the kth. Run your script with specific values of x and n.

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Assess why it has proven so difficult to design an operating procedure which allows the European Court to effectively manage its case load.

‘The results so far achieved within the framework of Protocol No. 14 are encouraging, particularly as a result of the measures taken by the Court to increase efficiency and address….

Evaluate whether the operation of human rights under the ECHR really does force public authorities to ‘act in ways that fly in the face of common sense’?

‘[I]n this country we are proud to stand up for human rights, at home and abroad. It is part of the British tradition. But what is alien to our tradition….