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Read the Case Exercise on page 120. Complete the answers to the questions for the Case Exercise. Complete and thorough, 4-5 sentence answers per questions are required for full points.
Case Exercise-Sodium and its effects on out health
Recent data show that Americans consume, on average, more than three times the recommended level of sodium per day in their food and beverages. High salt intake contributes to high blood pressure and its complications-stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure. In fact, thousands of lives could be saved if sodium consumption were lowered in people with high blood pressure. Write a memo to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services about what might be done to address concerns about the effect of high sodium intake on health. In preparing your memo, consider the following questions:1. How might we address this problem in the patient population using the medical model that a health care provider might use versus a population health model that a public health official might use?2. How far can and should governments go in attempting to create a more healthful environment? Intrinsic to many population health policies is the specter of the so-called nanny state. In this case, is it necessary for everyone to be exposed to lower sodium in their bread, in other common foods, and in restaurants, so as to protect people who have salt-sensitive illnesses?3. Should manufacturers bear the costs of manufacturing different versions of foods in order to protect the public’s health? Should they be required to manufacture healthier foods, even if customers prefer the less healthy versions? Or should they be liable if they don’t manufacture healthier foods?

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