Read the post bellow and provide an answer/comment (150 words)

Please read the post bellow and provide an answer/comment (150 words)

Post by Sunil Raj

We must ensure that our energy infrastructure is sustainable, goal-oriented, and operational as part of our broader energy and climate strategy. On the supply side, increased efficiency can be achieved by better managing fluctuating renewable energy generation options, improving energy grid infrastructure maintenance, and even improving demand modeling and, as a result, infrastructure investments. On the demand side, more efficient energy consumption patterns can be achieved by real-time demand-response pricing and grid load balancing (Hatzakis, 2019).

Voltage and frequency fluctuations induced by the intermittent nature of renewable energy production owing to changing weather conditions, as well as harmonic (wavelength) distortions introduced by electrical devices used in renewable energy generating, can cause quality difficulties. There appears to be an underlying suspicion of energy companies and governments in terms of their attitudes and pledges to policies that will benefit society as a whole if they are implemented.

Data Ethics in our Project that we follow and abide by our Customer information and identities should be kept secret. Private information that has been shared should be kept private. Customers should be able to see everything. Big Data should not be allowed to obstruct human decision-making. Unfair biases should not be institutionalized by big data.

Smart meters can be used to reveal detailed information about people’s private lives within the home, raising serious questions at a technical and policy level about in-home surveillance and how to address consumers’ privacy interests. Expected consumer benefits, such as energy savings, are predicated on the collection and analysis of granular information on household energy usage.


[1] Hatzakis, T., Rodrigues, R., & David, W. (2019). Smart Grids and Ethics. ORBIT Journal, 2(2).

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