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Questions directly related to Mr. Dwight’s Palliative Care Consultation


1. Effective and accurate clinical assessment skills are imperative for the nurse working with Mr. Dwight at all times. Identify two (2) clinical problems that could occur for Mr. Dwight during his admission to the palliative care unit with regard to fluid and nutrition that are commonly seen in the palliative care setting. (2 marks)


2. From your identified clinical problem, state one (1) goal for Mr. Dwight’s management using the SMART framework. No reference required for this response. This should be a sentence or two that contains all the elements of the SMART goal (2 marks)


3. Based on your goal in Q13, state and describe (2) interventions (nursing, collaborative or pharmacological) which would assist to achieve Mr. Dwight’s goal. (4 marks)


4. Provide and justify two (2) methods of how you would evaluate the outcomes for your interventions in Q 14. (4 marks)


5. a. name four (4) members of a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) who may be involved in the care of a palliative care patient like Mr Dwight. (2 marks)

b. What are benfits for the palliative care patient to have a MDT involved in planning and delivery of care? Note: this question does not ask you to define specific team member’s roles but use the literature about MDT to consider the role of such a team and the benefits.

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