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Purpose: Ethical decision making is an important HR-related personal competency. The purpose of this exercise is to increase your understanding of how ethics and equal employment are interrelated. Required Understanding: Be thoroughly familiar with the material presented in this chapter. How to Set Up the Exercise/Instructions:

1. Divide the class into groups of several students.

2. Each group should use the Internet to identify and access at least five companies that emphasize how ethics and equal employment are interrelated.

3. Next, each group should develop answers to the following questions:

a. Based on your Internet research, how much importance do employers seem to place on emphasizing the ethical aspects of equal employment?

b. What seem to be the main themes these employers emphasize with respect to ethics and equal employment?

c. Given what you’ve learned, explain how you would emphasize the ethical aspects of equal employment if you were creating an equal employment training program for new supervisors

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