provide practice in developing Corporate and Divisional EFE Matrix.

Develop Air Asia Corporate EFE Matrices

  • This exercise will provide practice in developing Corporate and Divisional EFE Matrix.
  • An EFE Matrix summarizes the results of an external audit. This is an important tool widely used by strategists.
  • The following exercise can do as an individual task or as a group task (not more than 4 members in a group).

AirAsia is experiencing great challenges right now in this pandemic situation.For example, the recent Bursa announcement as below describes the tough situation of the organization now.
“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, we wish to announce that AAJ, a 33% owned associate company of the Company in Japan via the Company’s shareholding in AirAsia Investment Limited has filed for bankruptcy proceedings on 17 November 2020 due to insolvency resulting from a demand slump in travel induced by lockdown restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Total cost of investment in AAJ has been fully written down.”
Access to, to get more details updates about Air Asia business situations.
The external opportunities and threats that AirAsia experiences are different in each geographical business segment.
So each business segment must develop its own list of key external success factors.Hence, the external analysis is critically important in strategic planning because AirAsia needs to avoid and mitigate threats, and exploit opportunities.
You and your team are given the task to develop divisional EFE matrices that AirAsia could use in developing an overall corporate EFE Matrix.The outcomes from the analysis will be submitted to the CEO for strategy formulation purposes.

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