Provide a 3-5 sentence description of a learner (child or adult)





Project 8

General Introduction – You will select a child and an instructional objective that you will be teaching the child. You will write a teaching plan that incorporates at least 3 of the Stokes and Baer strategies* for planning for generalization.


  1. Provide a 3-5 sentence description of a learner (child or adult);
  2. Operationally define an instructional objective for this learner; it can be targeting social, behavioral, language, or adaptive behavior;
  3. Develop an instructional teaching protocol to teach this behavior; provide details of the instruction so that fidelity could be assessed;
  4. In this protocol, build in at least 3 generalization strategies* from Stokes and Baer. Label each strategy, and then provide detailed scripts/explanations as to how you will be incorporating this strategy into the teaching.

* NOTE: Do not include “Train and Hope” as a strategy!




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