Project requirement

Project requirement

This project seeks to develop an interchange at the ridge roundabout, the ridge round about is seen as a primary route for all motorist commuting to Accra centra from ridge and its environs, and happens to have over 500 vehicular movement to and from the ridge round about on daily basis.

The requirement of the project would be a detailed explanation of how the interchange would be constructed using the project management knowledge areas

Part 1

a) You are to come out with your company name, explain the details of the company, explain how the company would identify the needs of the customer and processes to be used in detail.

b) You are required to develop a project charter for the project taking into consideration all the needed contents using any of the four project charter content templates.

c) Explain in detail the project management life cycle suitable for such a project and justify your choice of project management lifecycle

d) What would be the scope statement for this type of project and what would be the justification for each of the contents

e) The projects needs to be integrated, Explain the project integration process for the above project and provide the need and justification for integration of each component

f) Explain the project cost management systems to be used including budgets etc


Part 2

a. Using critical path method and network diagrams, explain how the scheduling of the project would be done.

b. How would human resources be recruited, selected, and placed on the project, further explain the as a project manager, how you would motivate employees using standard motivational processes.

c. Procurement has always been a challenge causing project cost overruns, Explain the procurement process, including sources, processes and procedures to be adopted

d. Quality procedures are necessary when it gets to projects, explain the quality assurance processes, the ISO standards to be used and the need for the standards in relation to project delivery.

e. Explain the process to be used in identifying the risk, categorizing them and indicating procedures to manage all risk.

f. Design a communication system and Explain the communication process to be adopted and relevant channels and challenges, and measures to address any communication challenges that may arise

g. Who are the stake holders for the project, explain the role of each stake holder and what stakeholder management process would be adopted to take care of stakeholder needs?

Explain the concluding processes to be used to ensure that the project has been formally delivered to the client.

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