Possible causes behind food waste (general causes and any other specific causes related to your selected three topics)

Task: Contact any Food and Beverage (F&B) company from the list uploaded in Moodle. Collect information from your selected company through any method (such as interview, survey, telephone conversation or personal visit) from the managers or employees about food waste. You may want to focus on the followings during the discussions:
• Possible causes behind food waste (general causes and any other specific causes related to your selected three topics)
• Awareness towards food waste among workers
• Strategies used to handle the waste
• Any possible barriers faced to implement the food waste prevention strategies
Analyse the findings with the help of any theory/model we discussed throughout the unit and provide constructive suggestions to your selected company to reduce food waste and balance triple bottom line.
In your data collection, analysis and suggestions, use all four topics (food waste and any other three topics selected) equally.
Note: The companies in the list were already informed about this project through a letter from the City of Glen Eira and me. However, you can use any other F&B company from your own connection.
The specific marking criteria and report structure will be uploaded in Moodle.

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