Political Science US Policing the world

the same topic is of the us policing the world. this literature review (the exposition part especially), keep in mind with research and writing that the sources/arguments is based off of what political scientists/researchers have learned from research/data (this is not my own opinion, strictly research paper on this topic and what researchers have to say about it)

the rough draft of the thesis/question is:
After examining the evolution of the United States’ role international role, I was able to identify and understand the benefits and setbacks of “policing” the world, which has helped me conclude that when it comes to the United State’s interest as well as other nations’ interests relating to world policing, I do not see the United States as being a good fit for the role since based off of an ethical, economical, and relationship factors.

Format suggestion:
Intro – ½ page
Exposition – 6-8 pages (organized in 3 points/schools of thought (ethical issues, economical issues, and international/domestic relationship) – 8/10 sources for each point – must use the same sources from the annotated bibliography, if you add any more please include them at end of paper)
Analysis – 1-2 pages
Conclusion – ½-1 page

Please also include research design (political science) after the end of the paper or after the resources. there was no specific page number, as long as the web design is clear and concise. I would estimate the web design to be 2-3 pages.

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