Please match each item on the left with the most appropriate item on the right.

Please match each item on the left with the most appropriate item on the



1. Associated with separation of duties             a. Business processes create value for them.

2. Deposit slip                                                    b. Buyer capitalizes freight costs to inventory.

3. FOB destination, freight prepaid                   c. Can reduce the risk of damaged goods.

4. FOB shipping point, freight collect                d. Custody, recordkeeping, authorization.

5. Insurance                                                      e. For deposit only.

6. Internet                                                          f. Internal control for granting customer credit.

7. Outsource                                                     g. Method for taking customer orders.

8. Restrictive endorsement                               h. Packing list.

9. Specifies shipment contents                         i. Seller charges freight cost to delivery expense.

10. Stakeholders                                               j. Transmits cash receipts to bank.

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