Please match each item on the left with the best item on the right.

Terminology. Please match each item on the left with the best item on the right.


1. Brick and mortar                                 a. A well-known ERP system

2. Computer network                              b. Another name for “old economy” organizations

3. Financial management                      c. Associated with G2C and G2B e-commerce

4. Hershey                                             d. B2C e-commerce example

5. Human resource management          e. ERP module associated with employees

6. Internal Revenue Service                  f. Had a “not so sweet” experience with ERP

7. Multisite issues                                  g. Module in an ERP system associated with


8. Online banking                                  h. Need to be resolved for a successful ERP project

9. PeopleSoft                                         i. Technology underlying ERP

10. Relational database                         j. The salient feature of e-business

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Explain the relevance of SSAE 18 and what does it report on.

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